Border Blaster Initiative — Fund Drive

Initiative to Broadcast Abroad!
African Christian listens to Radio Ministry

A man in Africa listens on his Sonika SA-1816USB shortwave receiver

If you are here responding to our publicized Border Blaster fund drive to help us broadcast the Holy Bible, sermons, and testimonies to oppressed Christians and underground churches, we are no longer soliciting. No contributions were made.


If you speak a dialect you believe would be a rare asset for audio scripture, such as Pyongyang or Hamgyŏng North Korean, or Southeastern Chinese such as Min, Wu, or Hakka, or you are responding to a request for a translator to aid in overseas air time negotiations, please contact us.

In some countries, possession of a bible can get you killed. In others, leaders feign religious tolerance, but rip crosses off of steeples, replace portraits of Christ with politicians, and censor doctrine that doesn’t exult their party or even deify its leader.An old time shortwave radio still used today for audio bible radio ministry and Radio Ministry L.L.C. has been doing exhaustive research tracking down and developing relationships with operators of powerful transmitters and broadcast stations capable of delivering reliable signals into Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and negotiating prices and availability of air time to get quality Christian programming into countries such as China, Nigeria, and even (if funding goals are met) Iran, North Korea, and more.

Remember the fun some of us have had as kids, slowly scanning the airwaves with a family member, adjusting, fine-tuning, and then locking on to some titillating signal you weren’t sure you’d find?

Imagine how magnified that thrill must be if you’re living behind a curtain of censorship or even persecution! I’ve seen people little district in China excitedly position a little, electric guitar amplifier and a microphone in front of a little radio, just right, so that it didn’t squeal with feedback, so that they could project a sermon they’d tuned into, across they whole, central square where it would reflect off the buildings and the whole, little village could hear it.

a 1 kW HF transmitter we started out on

In most cases, your monetary gift will “stay in the family” for another round by helping both us and another group to exist in one, fell swoop. Most of the stations we found are owned and operated by existing Christians with some of their own programming, but they often need to lease out air time (to whomever they can justify doing so) to remain on the air. In our case, they’re not making any compromises. We’re helping in them in two ways, as well:
– Giving them money (in exchange for air time reaching deep into target territories)
– Providing welcome, relevant programming they don’t have. We’ve been scouring the globe for materials in difficult-to-find languages and dialects, acquiring permissions for their rights, and have begun recruiting people to record exclusive, new audio bible chapters in tongues otherwise unavailable.

If, for example, an existing station broadcasts Farsi (Persian) sermons but needs to raise money to stay afloat, we can help those bold, on-site brothers and sisters with money, and use the air time to get some Arabic (Semitic) or even Kurmanji (Kurdish) over the air to key, die-hard Christians (and maybe even say, “Hello” for you, from America!)

Q: Are you accepting Contributions?
A: Not at this time.

May the weight of God’s Glory fall upon us. Praised be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless you for your prayers and, if readily able, your generous and enabling gift to our ministry and to the people it reaches out to.

Radio Ministry

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