Church & Statement of Faith

  Habakkuk  2:14  
For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord,
as the waters cover the sea.

***      ***      ***, founded by several disciples in early 2018, will now be the media outreach department of:

Odessa Community Church
a nondenominational church
of Christ    

…a pioneering ministry in the latter church-planting phase in the outer Tampa Bay area, blessed by God with experienced church planters, professors, and pastors as mentors, which has grown out of Radio Ministry once such advocates got involved, encouraging us to expand our vision of ministry. We model Odessa Community Church (OCC) after the early Christian communities in the Book of Acts but with modern media. Among many other objectives, we soon open the doors of a local community center (a building otherwise kept closed and locked by the county), for weekly services, in a neighborhood that expressed interest, endeavoring to reach a “village within a village” cross section of residents whose input has been used in the seminal and gestational phases of development.

The following, public OCC Statement of Faith, while not as succinct as some organizations’, is markedly more abridged than the full articles of faith in the OCC church constitution which, based faithfully upon the Holy Bible, are the core of its purpose and operation. OCC’s own, dedicated website will be up shortly, at

   Statement of Faith   

The Bible
The Holy Bible, defined as the 66 books of scripture contained in the Old and New Testament, is the singular, divinely inspired, inerrant authority in all matters of faith and conduct, uniquely offering exclusive truths regarding all of mankind’s most profound mysteries, be they expressed literally, allegorically, symbolically, or a multi-fold combination thereof.

There is one eternal God, who created the universe and revealed Himself to mankind in three Divine Persons we know as the God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; they are coequal and coeternal as one God. Christ created us with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. We love and worship all three persons as one Divine Being or Godhead.

We believe in Jesus Christ — God the Son — as being fully God and fully Man. We believe in His manifestation in the flesh by virgin birth, His sinless life, His miracles, His death and vicarious atonement for our sins with His shed blood, His bodily resurrection after three days, His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and His imminent, visible, personal return in power and glory. Christ is our only way to God the Father and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Man and the Fall
Adam and Even were created by God in His image. By allowing themselves to be deceived into disobeying God they became sinful and corrupt — self-inflicting perverse defects to our very core and seed, thereby alienating Him and ultimately causing condemnation of all humankind.

The Holy Spirit and Salvation
No human can be pleasing in God’s eyes by performing any amount of good works, except one. The enmity between God and humans can only be remedied by repentance with faith in Jesus Christ. Faith in His selfless, divinely purposeful death, and His miraculous resurrection, invites in the Holy Spirit to regenerate us,  and to intimately relate to and dwell within us. While avoiding sin and performing good works are crucial in many ways, and come with the territory of the Holy Spirit, eternal salvation comes by faith in Jesus Christ, and the grace He made possible for us by His ransom paid for us on the cross. The Holy Spirit influences and blesses humans with conviction,  drawing us to Christ and continuing as a guiding Influence in our lives.

Resurrection, Judgment
All those who have ever lived and died will be resurrected and judged. Since all mankind is condemned, only those who have found salvation in Jesus Christ will be granted blissful eternity with Him, while remaining face damnation — the default destination of every member of our accursed and ill-fated race of beings, a fate predestined since the fall of humankind.

The Church
Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are spiritually united as one body with Christ as its Head. All believers are disciples, responsible for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for upholding and exemplifying His commandments and values. The Body of Christ is one, worldwide church. When we organize as individual churches, among other objectives such as fellowship, we must use each others gifts and our unity to amplify our abilities and resolve to this end of advancement of truth and ministry.

Marriage, Sex, and Gender
Sexual intimacy is sinful outside of marriage. Marriage is instituted by God exclusively for the union of one woman and one man. There are two genders in physiologically healthy human beings; they are male and female, and are assigned by God according to His Plan.