Odessa Community Church
a nondenominational church
of Christ

adapted for Voice of Hope radio
& internet
approx. 30 minutes each

NOTE from J.D. :    Not every single track below necessarily qualifies a “sermon” to me. Some may fall under the category of Christian Monologue or Discussion, but as we open physical doors soon we will gravitate more toward an actual Justin Martyr inspired format, and attempt to deliver a motivating sermon more consistently, albeit more raw and less edited. Thanks for coming!

BEWARE of people calling you on the phone impersonating your own kids or grandkids and asking for money — even to be sent to fake websites that look real like for fake hospitals or jail bondsmen. Verify it’s your real family and call them back somewhere to straighten out whatever’s wrong, even feel free to involve police — or even our church — who will care if a police officer or a church minister checks up on a real hospital emergency that’s legit?

(813) 510-9059 J.D. Burris — spiritual and personal crisis line — by request: confidential bound by clergy/parishioner privilege same as doctors and lawyers.

Gram'ma and Grampa