Radio Shows

Radio Shows

Having Aired Live


The opportunity to jump on a relatively high powered station came sooner than expected. The first shows were generated with little time available to organize but were exciting, if not odd in the case of #1.

Context :
These stateside entertainment shows explore to and fro the grassroots evangelism and verbatim audio bible content we program to border blast overseas to oppressed people in censored countries banning free Christianity. These aired for shortwave hobbyists and amateur radio operators, to say,” Hello” and establish a presence. In fact the first show was even a bit bizarre as a tip of our hat to the strange broadcast loving listeners as well as major ex-pirates we knew were listening, several of whom have turned their superpowers toward helping folks like us.

Attribution and credits appear more as the shows get progressively more organized.

Think Faith is Blind? Try the “experiement” that blew Rev. J.D. Burris’ mind and sent him on the adventure of eternity — see the 1/2 portion of Season Finale: Show #7 beginning at 15:55

Shortwave Broadcasts :

Notes on the shows :

Show #1  included an experimental “robot reading Genesis” as part of #1’s purpose of saying hello to the sci fi/ tech / oddity community specifically tuning in to shortwave frequencies commonly, to try to retain a few listeners who usually switch channels when a station switches to scripture (the show on immediately prior was secular). It was not really an artificial intelligence, but a real human reading whose voice we tweaked with vocoder synthesizer effects, choosing notes on a keyboard for story-telling inflection and dramatization. While controversial and likely never to be played again, please keep in mind we have witnessed difficult-to-reach individuals suddenly captivated by this tactic, and then uncharacteristically seeking more “regular” Genesis to see what happens next when there’s no more robot voice left. How can that be bad? But it is something we have not pursued further, nonetheless, in fear of treading on sacred practices in our position. Show 1 also includes a little bio of me in keeping with that episode’s theme.

Show #4 Controversy warning
While these shows are not 100% live, there is very little time to get them pre-recorded and out. I would like to clarify one point I touch upon here. I am envious of those who can tout an angle or a style that is always uplifting to everyone at all times, or be agreeable and popular at all times, in and out of season. My primary calling is to reveal that people who doubt the very existence of God can know once and for all that everything they never dared to hope is true, is true; surely that and the gospel of Jesus Christ is a positive package of hope overall. To think poorly of or act negatively toward people because they act differently, even in things we believe are faults, is something I hope to work against until the day I die. Just because someone else’s sin is a different flavor than our own doesn’t make us better than them in any way. I do, however, also live in a time where, for example, youths are being brainwashed that up to 30% of them may be “born gay” and that it is perfectly acceptable to thoroughly explore every such whim as soon as it occurs, as if suppressing such urges at all, upon their initial onset, would harm them as much as cultivating it, in the long run. Going against this grain is a common example of how trying to defend God’s Word is widely perceived as negative or even hateful, when in fact it is out of love that many of us desire to prevent young people from injuring themselves physically, being readily and efficiently infected with AIDS, regretting decisions they were deceived into making. This, to be caught off guard by all of the whitewashed, unnatural drawbacks which are now carefully and even legally guarded secrets regarding homosexuality, but which were common knowledge and scientific fact of yesterday — teeming with evidence then, covered up now. In a well-meant attempt to stop discrimination of people who are different, our society has gone from the frying pan into the fire. Instead of being discriminatory to people with issues, now, though, we’re teaching our kids to freely embrace those issues in themselves. It largely stems from lack of belief in the existence of God and scripture being true, and is one of countless reasons I go back to the basics of discovering it’s all true like a broken record, more than any other topic. If people believe the bible’s false, small-minded, old fashioned, out-dated, backward, or no different than any other mythological construct concocted by man, globally over millennia, then why would dwelling in nothing but all the finder points of Christian life be doing anything other than planting seeds in the barn and pleasing folks who are already saved? The most important truth of all is simply that it’s true, and that it’s verifiable on an individual basis by praying for faith, even if it’s initially as counter-intuitive as it was for me. If people can’t figure out how to discover faith isn’t blind, why will they accept biblical values as anything but bigotry and chauvinism? I know the Word has its own power in and of itself, but I must to bear witness to how much I ignored it for years until it happened for me, and I find something of great importance in that turning point — something I want to deliver to people before they’re 45 or it’s too late.

One of the phenomena that doesn’t help is neither the responsibility of overzealous LGBT advocates, nor far-left activists in the school or workplace, but rather our own. It is the phenomenon by which young people are convinced that straight or heterosexual people never, ever have had a gay thought cross their mind. This is the point I make when I call that sentiment “a lie”. I’m not saying you, personally, necessarily remember sitting around deeply exploring gay thoughts. I’m as confident in my heterosexuality as anyone, but when youths are convinced (as they frequently are) that a homosexual scenario of some kind has never, ever occurred to “normal” girls or boys (yet said youths imagine gay scenarios out of raging hormones or active imaginations) it erroneously suggests they they have uniquely had this thought because they “are gay”. This is a lie which evolved out of so many of us being too paranoid of being called gay to admit to ourselves or others that we did have such thoughts which we willfully put away rather than nurturing them. In countless cases revealed to me directly over decades, this insidious suspicion that many kids are often born gay causes the subject to curiously think about the scenarios even more, like thought experiments of self discovery, which causes them to unnecessarily dwell upon, react to, and actually develop the thoughts even more. This opens doorways they should have otherwise known to shut right away – to simply put aside, rebuke, and dismiss like any other sinful impulse, instead of dwelling in curiosity. This doesn’t help things, yet it is, in part, our own faults for not teaching them that a gay thought can randomly occur to a straight person out of sexual frustration, and for letting them think that they’re automatically different for having imagined one.  In short – they can’t be prepared to readily dismiss it if they’re taught they’ll never, ever envision it under any circumstances. This is why many Manly Men are so aggressive against homosexuality — not because they’re so genetically different, but because deep down they know they willfully rejected the exact same, initial fantasies and reinforced the whims’ repulsive side rather than fixating on desiring  them further, and they secretly harbor a resentment at people who did not choose to do the same, as if to say, “If I can avoid it so can you!”, yet most men are terrified of admitting it to themselves, much less others. Ironically, if they did, fewer of their kids would be deceived into thinking they’re “different”.

Hate preachers are lost and shine a negative light on things, whereas on top of loving people (which is why I want them to know the truth), Tina and I (Jeff Burris) readily admit we have committed many sins no more desirable to God than topics mentioned above. We will equally rebuke anyone teaching kids it’s OK to have heterosexual sex out of marriage (which we did) or to view pornography (which I did). To have negative feelings directly toward someone simply because they have a slightly different sin is hypocritical; what I particularity dissuade is teaching kids that wrong things are right.