Karl’s Visit

From BnB to Starkey Park (1 hr. & 20 min. on foot)

One of my favorite parks just for walking around in FL woods and trails. A nice canopy for much of it, critters everywhere. I’m yet to try its bike trail; I usually walk around on hiking trails.

     From: 8614 Cameo Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34654

     To:  Starkey Park Entrance, 10510 Starkey Wilderness Bike Trail, New Port Richey

      Route: CLICK HERE<—

From BnB to Robert K Rees Memorial Park

This is a beach, welcome to the coast line! It’s not aqua-colored Key West but it’s good ol’ FL “locals” daily beach-ness.

     From: 8614 Cameo Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34654

     To: Robert K Rees Memorial Park, 3503 Green Key Rd, New Port Richey

      Route: CLICK HERE <—

From BnB to Historic little New Port Richey “downtown” (lol). There are really cute areas around here, little parks and a library that sells their old books (usually some for sale, ask the librarian), and just a preserved feel in this small but worthy place. They are calling something there the Walk of Fame so I’ll link that. Sims Park with a wee amphitheater is nearby, etc.

First: a page about the area: https://www.cityofnewportrichey.org/parks-facilities/

     From: 8614 Cameo Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34654

     To: New Port Richey Walk Of Fame, Historic Hacienda Hotel, 5621 Main St, New Port Richey

Route: CLICK HERE <—

Here is another page about things in that area, but some of it is not nearby and I don’t know why they mentioned them, but it mentions more things, mostly nearby.


And we’ll be talking! I look forward to getting the boat out w/ you both on 1/31 … I’ll just be ready in time, tested out etc. I used to take it out and all… it’s just been years and it needed a lot of TLC, XD

P.S. OH ALSO DEFINITELY add Tarpon Springs to possibilities. Definitely need an Uber, but only 12 miles and very historic and still has old, crumbling shacks among newer but still  “Keys” buildings. INCREDIBLE FOOD.

     From: 8614 Cameo Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34654

     To: Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, 735 Dodecanese Blvd, Tarpon Springs, FL



— Jeff