Attire Options for Rev. J.D.

Available Attire Options for the Minister to Wear :

Note from J.D. :  “I can obtain different ties easily. Often, the minister doesn’t necessarily, tightly coordinate attire with the groomsmen or bridesmaids, but I’m eagerly at your service if you have a particular wish. I can wear unlisted items if they are either rented or donated to our small wardrobe here at Radio Ministry, such as a vestment, robe, or jumbo stole. I do have clergy options, below, in addition to standard, formal or casual wear..”

At no extra charge on wedding day, he owns and can mix and match any of the following:

Black Suit

Brown/Gray Coat (actually a very fine tweed up close, goes well with blue clergy shirt)

Various Ties (with a coat pocket Handkerchief matching the popular Black & White Tie)

White Dress Shirt (+ other colors possible)

Dark Gray & Black, Tab Collar Clergy Shirt (goes well with black suit)

Light Blue Clergy Tab Collar Shirt (goes well with either coat)

Very Light Gray Clergy Collar Polo/Short Sleeve Shirt (goes well with any pants or jeans)

Brown Pants (or Black)

Jeans (classic broken-in look)

Smaller-type White Clergy Stole (ceremonial “scarf” draped around shoulders during ceremony, stops at waist with short, gold fringe)

Black or Brown Dress Shoes

One Country/Western Outfit (with or without suit or coat):  bolo tie, boots, lower-priced but clean, black Stetson cowboy hat.

Holster and SA revolver sidearm available where permitted (by request only, and signed off on by you that you researched it is acceptable with everybody from property owners to family and guests). Also, unless in the company of supportive law enforcement or military, J.D. will typically not bring a sidearm unless loaded and functional
J.D. explains: “This is in compliance with my firearms training not to provoke others with an unloaded or inoperable gun. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but I’ve prayed a lot on the matter and cannot stand by and watch a congregation get shot, one by one, by a third party. If there are other qualified, armed persons present, I can go unloaded or fake”. The Western outfit does not require the holster or gun; this is only if the sidearm is requested, period.