Services and Fees

for genuine clergy + add-ons like amplified PA

IF you are experiencing financial hardship, please ask us about reduced cost openings available.

Rev. J.D. Burris comes to you…
While our ministry is in the church-planting process in Tampa with the help of world-class churches in MI and MO, we do not yet have our own, permanent, brick & mortar facility. The bay area is riddled with absolutely perfect wedding spots for any budget; we can help!

   Ceremony Types : 
(*note any additional add-ons listed below this section)

Elopement —  $75   to officiate a basic, private, ceremony. Minister is dressed accordingly but without a dry clean-only suit.
Example: Bride & Groom, plus maybe a witness or two, at your home or public spot. Little planning, but complete, Holy Matrimony.

Wedding Ceremony —  $100  to officiate a real wedding ceremony and unite you in true, Christian, Holy Matrimony. Add any applicable add-ons desired (see below, with a history in sound, JD can even be your DJ !)

Either option includes (before add-ons) basic vow & officiant/minister-relevant planning via phone and email/web.
Traditional vows, scripture, optional minister’s speech available (included) or you provide. Includes proper completion of the Marriage Certificate and its return to the State of Florida

   Add-On Considerations : 

Custom Presentation — Only add + $10  more! (limited time)
Vows written by or assisted by J.D., and/or extra custom attention to scripture and/or minister’s speech (he prefers time to think at home or office to finish them and not just in meetings where notes are taken or outline is begun)

Casually Dressed Meetings –  $25  first hour in person,
$12 per hour thereafter. This meeting can be planning, Q & A, or even a casually-dressed rehearsal, no problem (same price)! J.D. logs his time per actual relevant meeting time, not travel or fellowship time.

Dress Rehearsal with Formal Clothing the same $25 meeting price above plus +$15 attire = $40    ($40 instead of $25) There is no extra charge for formal attire on the actual wedding day, though!

Amplified PA System –  $25  for vows & ceremony to be heard with microphones, OR — upgrade for only $50 more, and for only  $75  J.D. can handle your reception music and MC needs if on the same premises! Skip hiring a DJ service and save money. We have modest but clean, genuine PA (not particle board, home stereo equipment dragged outside) good for weddings up to a certain size,  including off-grid (all run off 100% battery power if needed!). Available anytime after 9/28/2018!  Discuss specific features or limitations w/J.D., contact info. below!

••• Mileage :  J.D. does not charge for travel time but please allow a very small gas and maintenance fee after mileage exceeds the first 10 miles, round trip (per meeting!). Odometer is read upon arrival home, 10 miles (free) is subtracted and  $0.50  is charged for each additional 1 mile logged.
• Example :   if you are 15 miles away by car, round trip would read 30 miles, so this fee would be for 20 miles or +$10 each trip. 
Thank you for your understanding, as this adds up through the month and we try not to just gouge an excess elsewhere to cover it.

Forms of payment :  (contact info. below)

We will collect the first $50 up front (non-refundable reservation) with the remainder due. Invoices, balances, and receipts all provided accordingly, available electronically, paper, or both.

Cash – We can collect in person and provide receipt.

PayPal  (Credit Card accepted via PayPal)
We can invoice you via email which will contain an automated pay link for the amount agreed. We can also text the link if you prefer.

Check – or money order made out to Jeffrey D. Burris
We can invoice in person, mail, or email and collect in person or mail to:
Jeffrey D. Burris
13527 Interlaken Rd.
Odessa, FL 33556

Book a Wedding or Meeting?

Email  J.D. at
Call  J.D. at   (813) 510-9059

   So a basic Officiant Minister charge for a wedding is $100 whereas even a fairly full-featured package with multiple meetings and attention to detail can still, easily run under $240!   •